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About Us

For over 30 years, Graphics & Design has worked as a team to determine the needs and conceptual strategies of businesses, providing great creative…and return on investments.


Outside resources for additional production, printing and marketing are on call to ensure that you have the best and the brightest, within budget and timeframe.


Jonathan Pelky

Owner/Creative Director

Kitty Patterson


Keeping Clients Happy

“Often I will see products or images and wonder who made them…it is always Graphics and Design. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Graphics and Design staff are fabulous to work with and produce very creative, eye-catching professional products that effectively communicate our message every time. We are always thrilled with the products they produce for us. I always know I’m in good hands with Graphics and Design and that the products they produce always exceed my expectations.”

- Katie Ombalski, Conservation Biologist


“It was easy to see that Graphics and Design was the best choice, simply by checking out their portfolio of work. They have done work for such a wide range of groups representing vastly different industries, but the common thread was always a clear message and impeccable branding. A cohesive look and feel permeates all their work. I feel like they "get" our brand.”

- Chris, MyBasget



Work & Clients

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