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Centred Outdoors wins CP2 2018 Silver Award!

The Centred Outdoors campaign took the Silver at the 2018 CP2 2018 Bracket Awards in the integrated media/mixed media category.

Centred Outdoors Summer 2018 Adventure Guide invites you to stress less and discover more...

G&D designed a new Passport booklet and various other materials for this summer event. Centred Outdoors is an open invitation for people of all ages and fitness levels to explore ten outdoor destinations in Centre County, PA.


We were asked to create the identity for this amazing product that is derived from recycled food
and farm wastes and created in Penergy Solutions patented anaerobic digester system.

Active & Vibrant!

Pam Salokangas, Centre Region Parks & Recreation Director says:  "We wanted a brand image that not only represented all that we do here at CRPR but that also incorporates color, vibrancy, active living, and fun! Graphics and Design did a great job of bringing exactly what we were looking for to life! The bright colors and fun shapes give the feel of movement and active lifestyles, which is exactly what Parks and Recreation represents."

Congratulations to Michener Museum

Michener Museum is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It opened to the public in 1988. Prior to that, the building served as the fifth prison erected in Bucks County’s centuries old corrections system.

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